• What vaccinations does my pet need?

Dogs require: Rabies vaccine

Distemper and Parvovirus (DHLP or DHLPP)

Bordetella. Must be done at least 7 days prior to boarding.   Premier Pet Lodge works hard to prevent “canine cough” in our facility. Please remember that vaccination does not always equal immunity, and that for most healthy dogs, it’s simply a cold that must run it’s course.  There are many strains of Bordetella, and it’s a gamble as to whether the vaccine will prevent the particular strain. The vaccine may prevent or lessen severity of illness and we recommend you vaccinate your pet every 6 months if you choose to do this vaccine. Some versions of this vaccine can cause mild symptoms of canine cough when first given, which could potentially be spread throughout our building and cause an outbreak. Even if this is unlikely, we simply cannot accept that risk, therefore we require 7 days between vaccination and boarding. Also, it takes anywhere between 4-7 days for the vaccine to actually start working in your pet.

Cats require:

Rabies and Feline distemper combo. Recommend Feline Leukemia test prior.

Note: We also accept titer results from a veterinarian, done within the last 60 days.

Birds, ferrets and other small mammals: please inquire before boarding.

  • What other requirements do you have for my pet?

We require that all animals be “pest-free” upon arrival. All pets will be examined at check-in, and must be treated at the owner’s expense before entering the facility if any sign of parasites exist. This helps fulfill our commitment to provide the very best care for your pet. Please also ensure your pet is protected against heartworm before coming to visit.

All pets must be current on flea/tick products. This policy serves to protect your pet from becoming infected with a parasite.

  • What should I bring for my pet?

Please send your pet’s regular food (to avoid GI upset from a new food), medications, toys and treats during their stay and label them accordingly. If necessary, we will provide food for your pet for $1/meal. Please do not send rawhides. We will also provide a comfortable bed for your pet. Please inform us if your pet needs something special, we love to do whatever it takes to make them feel happy!

Do you accept all pets?

We accept dogs, cats and any other small animal.

We will commit to providing the very best care to each pet that comes through our door, but we reserve the right to refuse service to any pet (or person!) who is aggressive or is otherwise not a good fit for our family business.

  • What does the boarding fee cover?

Your boarding fee is meant to give you fantastic value and be all-inclusive! No need to worry about paying for “extras”, such as medications, treats, snuggles or playtime. Your pet will have multiple trips outside for potty breaks, playtime and rest in-between.  We are committed to giving your pet what they need to feel comfortable, secure and have a great time while you’re away!

One day of boarding consists of a 24-hour period. If you drop your pet off during the morning hours, your boarding fee covers through the morning hours of the next day. If you choose to pick up at the evening shift, you will be charged a daycare fee of $15.

  • I have multiple dogs- can they stay together?

Yes, your pets are welcome to stay together! We offer a discount for multiple pets staying in the same suite.

  • What if your drop-off or pick-up hours don’t work for me?

Our business is located just steps away from our home, which makes it easy to care for your pet 24 hours a day! We ask that you respect our family time by adhering to our hours of operation. Please do not visit the house, but instead call us if you are late and we will meet you at the building as soon as we can.  Although we really discourage drop-off/pick-up during our closed hours, we may be able to make an exception occasionally. Please understand that we need time to care for your pets as well as our own family! Additional fees may apply.

Another option is to have someone you trust pick your pets up for you during our regular hours. Please let us know if you will be having someone else pick up your pet.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that life happens, and we try to be fair about cancellations. Please keep in mind that if you cancel within 48 hours, we will ask you to pay for 50% of your pet’s stay. As a family-run small business, each and every reservation is very important to us and we would typically have filled that spot with another pet, especially on weekend stays. Additionally, if you decide to pick your pet up one or more nights earlier (or drop them off later) than planned, we will charge 50% for those nights.