Pick-up and Drop-off Hours by Appointment Only: 

Monday-Friday 7-9 am & 3-6 pm

Saturday & Sunday 8-12 pm

Note– we are closed for pick-up & drop-off outside of the above hours, as we need time to care for your pets & our family. We can usually make an effort to accommodate after-hours appointments if absolutely necessary.  Please note that any appointments made outside weekend hours will incur an extra night’s charge of $28. If this is an inconvenience to you, it may be helpful to have your emergency contact pick up your pet during regular hours.


Holiday surcharge of $10 per holiday per family.


Holidays include:

New Years Eve & New Years Day (open NYE morning for drop-off/pick-up but closed New Years Day)

Easter Saturday & Sunday (open Easter Saturday for drop-off/pick-up)

Memorial Day Weekend (Sat-Monday) (normal business hours)

July 4th- normal business hours

Labor Day Weekend (Sat-Monday) (normal business hours)

Thanksgiving Day- closed for drop-off/pick-ups

Christmas Eve & Day (open Christmas Eve morning for drop-off/pick-up, closed Christmas Day)