Pick-up and Drop-off Hours by Appointment Only. We require that you inform us of your drop off/pick up time by phone, text or email, and let us know if it changes.

Monday-Friday 7-9 am & 3-6 pm

Saturday & Sunday 8-12 pm

Note– we are closed for pick-up & drop-off outside of the above hours. We are open almost every day of the year for your pets and it’s important that we have uninterrupted times for cleaning, exercising dogs and family life. We can usually make an effort to accommodate after-hours appointments, but only if absolutely necessary.  Please note that any appointments made outside weekend hours will incur an after-hours pick up fee of $15 within 2 hours of closing, and $50 after 2 hours of closing.
Example: If you need to pick your dog up at 1:30 on a Saturday/Sunday, we will charge you $15 if we are available to accommodate you. If you arrive at 2:10 pm, we will charge you $50.

If this is an inconvenience to you, it may be helpful to have your emergency contact pick up your pet during regular hours or pick your pet up the next day during our regular business hours. Thank you for respecting our time and schedule!

We no longer charge extra for holiday stays, but we will not accommodate any pick ups/drop offs outside of our regular hours on holidays.

Holidays include:

New Years Eve & New Years Day (open NYE morning for drop-off/pick-up but closed New Years Day)

Easter Saturday & Sunday (open Easter Saturday for drop-off/pick-up)

Memorial Day Weekend (Sat-Monday) (normal business hours)

July 4th- normal business hours

Labor Day Weekend (Sat-Monday) (normal business hours)

Thanksgiving Day- closed for drop-off/pick-ups

Christmas Eve & Day (open Christmas Eve morning for drop-off/pick-up, closed Christmas Day)